Our Features

No Additional Hardware

There is no equipment required.


View who is AVAILABLE at any given point.


For those paged out, you can see how long.


The administrator can send secure messages.


Simple click to Page-Out or In.

Reminder Alerts

Alerts sent when users are paged-out too long.

En Route

Everyone knows who's responding.

Low Personnel Alerts

Alerts when personnel goes below minimum level.

and more...

No Problem. Page-Out has implemented a
TEXT-IN Status change and can also be utilized via any desktop.
Use the website.

About Page-Out

Page-Out is a revolutionary system of networked mobile applications that allow users within each department to seamlessly update their members with the touch of a few buttons. Simply create an account by clicking here. Once logged in, you can add users and instruct those users to download the Page-Out Fire or Page-Out EMS Application based on which department you set up. Using their unique ID number and the departments universal password they can log into the application and are automatically linked with every other user on the department. Each administrative account can set up one fire and one ems department so staffing can be managed by department if desired. View More

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