Frequently Asked Questions

The best thing you can do is read, search, and read some more before asking questions about Page-Out the Mobile On-Call Availability Solution.

There is no equipment required. You use the mobile application on your smart phone or the website to view availability and your smart phone, website or text to update your availability.

Currently, the system isn't designed to be integrated with your dispatch CAD system. This is a stand-alone system controlled and utilized by individual departments to assess user’s availability and whether they are responding to a call when the call comes out.

I could give you a bunch of technical details about the system, but the best way to see how it works is to try the 30 day FREE trial. There are tutorial videos and instructions to assist you in setting up your department. Once you have tried it, if it doesn't fit your department needs, just let the trial expire and that's that. I know for our department it has become an amazing tool at addressing who is available and when.

The administrator and managers of the account can send out Announcements to every user or any specific users of the application instantaneously from the website. Simply log into page-out.com, log in and go to the Announcement page. You can create an announcement and choose who to send it to. This announcement is sent to the mobile application and users will receive a notification that they have a message.

After your pager goes off or you receive a call, users who have the mobile application can go to the Page in / Page out page and press the En Route button. The user’s name will then move to the top of the Availability screen, turn Yellow, and show En Route next to their name. That status will remain for 30 minutes. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can log into the website and press the En Route button there as well.

Page Out is not a paging system for dispatching calls. There is an Announcement feature so messages can be sent to users from the website, but it is intended for non-emergent messages.

Page Out’s mobile application will currently work on all phones with Apple (IOS) or Android operating systems. We currently have the app in development for Windows based phones. For those without smart phones, you can text in your status update from a standard cell phone or change your status through the website.

Simply sign up for a free trial, follow the instructions and you will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Page Out was not initially developed for international use; however, we have a number of departments in Australia and Canada successfully using Page Out. We continue to work with willing departments to improve Page Out’s functionality in areas outside the US. Please sign up for a free trial and see if it works for your department.

Currently, you are not able to delete announcements. Future updates are planned remedy that situation.

Currently, you are not able to delete groups. The current solution is to discontinue using the group you want to delete and create a new one. Future updates are planned remedy that situation.

Currently, users or admins are not able to send announcements from the mobile application. We continue to receive requests for this update and plan on adding this functionality sometime in the near future.

When an announcement is sent from the web portal, you can designate who it is sent to. It may be sent to just the officers or the entire department. I would encourage you to always include yourself to ensure the message gets sent out as there currently isn't a way to see who received the message. This portion of the app was meant to only receive announcements and wasn't specifically designed as a two way communication device.

With one account, you are allowed to create and operate one Fire and one EMS department. When you set up the department, you would assign each user to either the Fire or EMS department and have them download the corresponding Page Out Fire App or Page Out EMS App.

On the app, there is no difference. The difference is on the web portal where everything is set up. The administrator has full access to all the functions. A Manager has all the access of an Administrator except they can't adjust the Departments or the actual Account information. They can still add and remove users, send Announcements, Page In/ Out and see Availability. A User can only see the Availability page and the Page In / Page Out pages in the portal.

Page-Out and I am responding are very different systems. Page-Out is an on call availability system with En Route feature. Our patent pending system is designed to allow everyone on the department to page in when they are available and page out when they aren't available for calls, thus letting the entire department know through the mobile application or the website who is and who isn't available for calls. If you don't have a smart phone, you can text in your status or do it through the website. When you press the En Route button on the application, the user’s name will move to the top of the Availability screen, turn Yellow, and show En Route next to their name. That status will remain for 30 minutes.